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Monday, July 13, 2015

I may or may not have passed the worms curse to my companion as she was VERY sick this last week from Wednesday to Sunday. Kinda "fun" to be able to reflect on that one time I had worms at the very beginning of my mission too. Poor thing, the medicine is really strong and makes you super tired and you never want to eat and its an all around bummer. But the Lord has a purpose in everything just as the Sister was concerned about getting fat, well the Lord took care of that problem haha

Anyway this past week Sister Mcmakin received "Meet the Mormons" a movie that came out to theaters while I was already on the mission, so I took advantage of the time we were having in the house and watched it on our tiny DVD player. Then I watched it in Portuguese. Then I watched it with the director commentary. Then I watched the making of the film. And then I watched it all the way through again with my companion :) That's not ALL I did but I would play it and draw as well (something i haven't done for about 10 months now) and it was nice to be a able to relax and talk to myself while she slept and slept and slept.... I was also able to read about 3 Liahona magazines (published by the church with talks from the apostles and leaders) and it was such a wonderful and spiritually enlightening experience. I really enjoyed it! One talk I loved in particular was given by Elder Quentin L Cook. He said something like "The members of the church, together with other people that have similar moral values, represent an island of faith in a sea of doubt and disbelief." I liked that because I am a living witness of its truthfulness. But even against the odds, the Lords people always manage to overcome the odds and beat the temptations of the world. This week I had the pleasure to see a sister that was recently reactivated into frequenting church- after the Lord working in her and us as the sisters and many wonderful members working along side her- receive a calling in the womens organization. I love this sweet friend and mother and warrior against the feelings of discouragement as I have seen a new light enter her light and that she has finally made it to "the island of faith" like Elder Cook talks about.

The Lord is good!

com amor

Sister Anderson

My cool outfit I wore for a couple days because we stayed in the house while my comp was sick... :)

I finally bought a rope so I can sleep in my hammock!!!!

hammock bonding time

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