Sunday, September 6, 2015

11 Monthsssss

Monday, August 17, 2015

I'm now in my 5th area and we have our work cut out for us here! The work is just rolling forth and the Bishop told us that he hopes we can help him divide the congregation of members and form another ward to then be able to form a stake! (a group of congregations) Lets do it!!!!! I'm way excited and everyone her seems to believe that we can do it so that helps us get excited.

Our house has this wicked alarm system that I have yet to figure out, and is actually an old beauty salon haha We live RIGHT NEXT TO huge train tracks so that means we sleep very little and with lots of noise. Oh, also this city has a huge orange juice factory and the city smells like oranges and I love it!! We walk sooooo much here and the other day I woke up and my feet were all swollen, :( but that's one of the joys of the mission!

We started teaching Valdecir this past week and he went to church and we were so happy!! Then we went with another sister who was recently baptized this year to visit him after church. Basically it went like this:

New sister: Are you single?
Valdecir: Yeah I am, but I have a son, his Dad passed away when he was three. I'm looking for the love of my life before I get baptized.
He basically proceeded in asking her to marry him and I had to look away.  hahaha Yes! Way to go!
I love Brazil and I love the people here! I hope that I'll be able to report about some baptisms and other wonderful news!

Love you all!

Sister Anderson

my new comp - Sister Lima da Silva

my new alarm

my new car

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