Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Feet of God

Monday, August 10, 2015

I had one of my most powerful spiritual experiences this week as we were visiting people in a neighborhood really far from our house and at the end of our area. We were walking with a sister in the ward that was with us when we came across a woman that was crying uncontrollably begging us to save her. I took both her hands in mine and she continued wailing and crying and shaking. I grabbed her hands and told her "sister look into my eyes and i promise everything will be alright" she looked at me and slowly calmed down and we told her that as representatives of Jesus Christ we were there to help her and that the Lord would bless her in her suffering. I said a prayer with her hands clasped in mine and I prayed with more intent and concern for this woman than I ever have in my life. I looked down at her feet and saw the skin opening revealing the sensitive flesh underneath and I felt such a sadness and pain that I knelt down at her feet, removed my own shoes that I've used every day for the last 11 months, and carefully put them on the feet of my new friend. I walked around the whole rest of the day with the worn out flip-flops that she had been using and later that night we found the shack of old clothes and umbrellas that she was living in and left her shoes there at the opening.

I know for certain that she walked with God that day as did I. I am my sisters keeper but I am also my sisters sister, and in that tender moment when it wasn't expected of me, no one was around, and no one had asked for it, I felt the presence of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so strongly that as we were leaving her in what appeared to be an only slightly better circumstance, I felt the Savior comforting her and testifying to me of the divinity of this work and the importance of simple Christ-like acts of Charity.

I love my Savior and no matter what happens and what I choose, he'll never will stop loving me back.

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