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Monday, May 4, 2015

My very favorite 85 year old man Irmão Castelo was baptized on Saturday May 2nd!!!!!!!

Some thoughts:

  • This church is a church of sacrifice and of work. Nothing happening in the Lord´s work if we aren't willing to put him the first place of our lives!
  • Patience patience patience. Missionary work is a work of love and a work of patience! The Lord´s time is ALWAYS the best time and we have to remember that and pray for His guidance. 
I've waited and worked hard for almost 8 months and I have the pleasure of saying that we have one more son of God numbered among the saints of the true church!!! I truly am so happy that I have been an effective tool for the salvation of my dear friend Castelo! I'm grateful that I can listen and follow the Spirit and endure 'just a little bit more" until I see the fruits of my diligence, faith and patience. In all things we must look unto the Lord and seek his guidance in humble prayer. I have a testimony that prayer really works and that God really loves us and that He answers the righteous desires of our hearts more than we can imagine if we have the patience to 'just wait". I can't tell you how many times that was the answer to my prayers and scripture study and conversations with people I love and trust. "JUST WAIT" and when the Lords time has come He will rain His blessings upon us!

I'm so grateful for this mission that I'm serving for my Savior and for my family. The sacrifice is worth the prize of eternal salvation for one of God´s beloved children!

With love
Com amor

Sister Anderson

Fried egg rice salsa and sausage! i made it myslef!

açaí!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Bought it as a celebration after castello passed his interview haha



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