Sunday, May 3, 2015

Franca Fun!

Monday, April 27, 2015

So this week was an adventure when my companion was sick for 4 days and eventually had to spend a whole day in the hospital. At the end of the exams and tests the doctors said she had nothing and that she could go....hahahahaha OH BRASIL!

We have been teaching our investigator Castelo. He is 85 and adorable and we have to yell to teach him and HE'S GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY! Please everyone pray for him! The more knowledge we have of the truth, the more the enemy tries to make our lives full of trials and hardships. BUT, I am confident that he will make it! His wife and son are already members of about 5 months and they are really helping and supporting and encouraging him! SEND THE PRAYERS! We ask him questions as we are teaching him and his response is always something like "Of course I believe! It's logical and you wonderful young ladies wouldn't lie about Jesus!" Oh man I love him, he's just a cute old man without teeth that is about to receive salvation!

I've learned so much patience here in Franca and that when we REALLY exercise patience we see the blessings and the miracles really come. Less actives are returning to church, the ward is more united. we have weekly activities, and we are setting baptismal dates right and left with people that have been prepared by the merciful hand of the Lord!

I'm so grateful so happy and so tired but the work is moving forth!

Love you!

Sister Anderson

preparing myself for the days i have to be a mom and cook and stuff :)

these are the shoes i would like if you could send agian :) (Clarks is the brand)

look mom! i use the earings and headbands you always send me and i love them!

My dying companion sister HuamanĂ­ haha

this is Castelo :)

these are the favelas, full of Gods children ready to here the good word of the gospel by the mouths of Sister Anderson and Sister HuamanĂ­!

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