Sunday, June 28, 2015

Delighted in the work of the Lord

Monday, June 1, 2015

This week was wayyyy good and wayyyyy hard! We went to Daniel´s baptism on Monday (he's the son of some of my favorite members) and we met a lot of non-member friends of the family! On top of that, the same family brought a young couple to church the Sunday before and we were able to go and start teaching them! While they still don't have a date, they accepted the baptismal challenge and we are working a lot with them! It's really quite funny because he is 21 and his wife is 19 and they have a one year old baby...We still haven't had the conversation of "How old are you guys?" but when we do I think it'll be even funnier. haha We also may or may not have had ANOTHER BAPTISM!! I love this area so much and the people even more. We are really having a lot of success and it makes me so happy to feel like the Lord is satisfied with my obedience and work and dedication of every ounce of energy that I give to him. When it hits 10 o'clock on P-Days, all I do is sleep because we literally walk and work so much during the week...I LOVE IT! It's such a good feeling to be so tired form serving so hard!

With that said, this opportunity to train is also taking it out of me. Lucky for me "my daughter" is really cool and we have a lot of fun together. Sister McMakin (to tell you a little more about her) actually happens to be a genius. Like she graduated from college while she was in high school genius. She is really funny though because she LOVES cats and has these cat socks that I make fun of all the time. So I'm making her sound like the typically really weird nerdy kid but shes actually way beautiful and fun and we get along really well. She's just in that "I'm frustrated because I still can't speak Portuguese very well" stage but she is learning so fast, as am I. I'm learning SO much from this experience and while it is sometimes painful, and sometimes hard, and sometimes both, we are growing together and the Lord is blessing us!

On top of our WONDERFUL baptism we also were so surprised to see a less active mom, daughter, and granddaughter come to church after almost 2 and a half years of being inactive. I cried a little. haha SO MANY MIRACLES! God is SO Great!

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Sister Anderson

Daniel and his baptism :)

Sister McMakin´s vein that exploded because she wasn't used to walking so much...


She broke the mission rules and was riding a horse

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