Sunday, October 25, 2015

Food Miracles

Monday, October 19, 2015

Let me set up a scene for you:
We have to sleep completely wet because it's so hot at night that you have to take showers at least two times so you survive! Anyways, so its been over 100 degrees every single day this week and everyone keeps telling us that its just gonna get hotter.....I just ask for prayers. haha But it's funny because I started my mission in the hottest area that there is, and now I think I'll end in this area which happens to be the second hottest...God has a sense of humor I know it!

As part of a spiritual purification we (as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) make monthly fasts a priority so we are able to receive the specific blessings that comes from 24 hours of prayer and without any food or water. So as I was fasting this week I included in my fast that I could gain a testimony about the importance of fast offerings and giving the little money I have so that others have something to eat and drink.  At the same time, I know the Lord will always provide a way for me to receive the nutrients I need to do the Lord´s work. As I ended my fast we literally were without food in our house and we decided to ask a brother in the ward if we could eat dinner with them because we were hungry. He called his wife and when we got there they had made all the food that they themselves had and we ate and ate and the food NEVER RAN OUT!  This was just the first of many food miracles. When we got home another brother called us and asked if he could stop by becasue he had a suprise for us that he was sure would "make us very happy". When he got there we couldn't even lift the 6 pizzas and boxes of food that he helped carry up the stairs. I cried. I'm serious, I have never been more happy to see food!!!! Then 3 other separate families have called us in the past 24 hours inviting us to eat dinner on almost all the days this week!! (Here in Brasil lunch is the primary meal, so when we have dinner appointments its a miracle because lunch is the only meal we eat with members.) I LOVE THE LORD! THE CHURCH IS SO TRUE!!! The Lord takes really good care of his servants, and this week I gained a VERY strong testimony of why we dontate all that we have to the Lord--because he always blesses us with 100 times more than what we offer him.

Love you all the way from Brazilllllll!!

Sister Anderson

The night we didn't go to bed hungry because of this wonderful family


Splits w Sister Santiago ;)

Pickles after over a year without them!

Me and sister Annis being creative

When we cried because it was SO HOT


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