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Monday, September 21, 2015

"Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved" President Monson

SOOOOOO...... One more transfer and I've hit my 1 year mark!!! I got transferred today to São José do Rio Preto which is like 4 hours from the mission office about halfway betweeen Araçatuba (my first area) and the mission office in Ribeirão Preto! I've been called to be a Sister Leader Trainer which is a Leader for all the Ssiters that live close-ish to me. haha My new companion Sister Ferreira and I are already really loving each other because she was companions to Sister Kelly after Kelly trained me when I first got to the mission. Sister Ferreira told me that her favorite companion was sister Kelly and it just so happens that she was my favorite too :)

Anyway, here it's like 115 degrees ALL THE TIME and I'm very hot!!! But, I a am really excited and ready to start this new transfer with my new comp. This is her last Transfer and that means I'll be "killing her" in missionary terms.

I'm preparing myself to hear all about weddings and dating and all that. haha I'm way excited and next week I'll give you an update on the ward and the area and the people we are teaching and the miracles that we are seeing!

Love you and I love my Savior!!

Sister Anderson

Our Favorite investigators Pamela and Anderson

Playing and packing with Sister Lima da Silva

I made brownies!!!

Ines our "Golden Investigator" that some day will join the church!

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