Sunday, October 18, 2015

The hands of God

Monday, October 12, 2015

This week was my "hands of God" week as I spent A LOT of time doing somewhat physical labor for the Sisters that we take care of. As part of the calling that we have as Sister Trainers, we take care of 8 other sisters and go on splits with them in our areas and in theirs so that we can help them physically and spiritually and really in anything that they need.

Anyway so this week we had a mission wide leadership counsel meeting and as part of the responsibilities, President Brum informed us that four of the Sisters would be moving to a different apartment, and that he wanted us to help and then report back to him. We spent almost all of Saturday two of the sisters and us cleaning and organizing and putting in order a whole new apartment to get it ready for this next week. hahah The mission really prepares you for everything and then a little more! We successfully got the job done and am pleased to say that I now have experience moving people in and out of apartments without a car..... hahaha But it was fun! It was great to be able to get to know the other sisters and to listen to the same 8 songs that we have on the cell phone from EFY and Meet the Mormons :) Such a good movie by the way! Anyway so what came of all this is that it turns out that I have developed an aggressive allergy to cleaning products and my hands started peeling and cracking and bleeding. But don't worry I've already bought some medicine and they are healing. It really helped me to think though on Sunday as I took the sacrament and renewed the covenants I made at my baptism, because for a moment I looked at my hands and felt just a tiny part of the pain that the Savior must have felt when they nailed him to the cross and punctured his hands all the way through with thick nails. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and love when I stood and bore my testimony to the ward of the Love of our Savior and the love I have for His work. I know that any and all pain I feel is so very small compared to that that he bore and suffered alone. I love Him for the sacrifice He willingly bore for me so that I can return to the presence of my Heavenly Father someday with my Savior and family by my side. I know that my Savior loves me and testify of this great and marvelous work of which I am His hands and His feet and His love to the people here in Brasil.

with love

Sister Anderson

me and Sister Ferreira gettin ready!

On the bus going to the leadership counsel

Our cool shirts we made!

Me Sister Muniz and Sister Annis

Rain and my companion for the day, Sister Barbosa

Our shopping cart for the big move

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