Sunday, October 18, 2015

I'm killing my companion.....

Monday, September 28, 2015

So when a missionary is on their last transfer the missionary that is their companion "kills" them on the mission as if they were dying or something. haha Anyway, Sister Ferriera is finishing in 4 weeks and it's pretty interesting having a companion that is so close to going home. I like it and I LOVE her but man does she love to talk about weddings and marriage, hahaha but I let her, the poor thing.

Our area here is AWESOME and the ward here is even better! The members call and ask when they can go and teach and if there is anything they can do for us. We normally have more food than we can eat in the house because they feed us so well. I will try my hardest not to get ridiculously fat here. We will see...hmmmmm

So I went on my first "splits" as a Sister Leader Trainer. Basically my responsibility is to travel to all the areas of the other cities close to mine and we switch companions for a day and work in the other areas helping them find new people to teach and with any difficulty or problem that the are personally having or with the members or with the language and stuff like that... Anyway, I went on my first division and I went with one of the sister we live with Sister Annis, who's from Ogden, Utah. SHE WAS MY FRIEND BEFORE THIS LIFE. I absolutely love her and we had a blast talking to everyone we saw and dancing and playing in the huge rainstorm that randomly happened. haha

My companion Sister Ferreira is from the Amazon and is like a legit Indian. :0 I love her a lot and she is crazy funny. We laugh so much! And we have even more spiritual experiences so I'm really happy and REALLY tired but its so worth it!

Love you and love my Savior!

Sister Anderson

Me and Sister Ferriera


Sister Annis, me, and Sister Muniz


da BUS

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