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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Its not a holiday that they have here in Brasil (obviously), but I made an effort and made a small portioned Thanksgiving dinner for my companion and the other two sisters in our apartment. It was yummy but nothing like in the states :)


  • I'm so grateful to be a missionary
  • For my family
  • For the friendships I have planted and nurtured
  • For my Mission president and his wife
  • To be in Brasil!
  • To walk to run and sing in the rain
  • Ice cream and Açaí
  • The prophet Thomas S. Monson
  • Inspired music
  • Wonderful people in the church in every ward that I serve in

I'm so grateful to have this short time to get to know him and to learn to understand His unending love and compassion for me. I'm grateful for my trials because I become that much closer to Jesus Christ and I learn how to love people and places and situations just as He did and still does. He lives!
He was born. He worked miracles, taught, cured and blessed. He suffered and died for my sins and for yours and then, he was resurrected! He rose from the grave so that we too can overcome the physical and spiritual death. I love Him. I love His love for me because it is perfect and never dies just as He will never die. I thank my Father in Heaven for this perfect gift that we most remember during this Christmas time. I thank my Heavenly Father not only in prayer but in "good works" like it talks about in the scriptures. The best way to show our love and gratitude is really to love all of Gods children, especially when its not easy. I can say that I love to love :)

Yesterday was my last of 7 conferences with all the missionaries in our mission and as i stood and bore my testimony and testified of Gods love I felt his love for me so powerfully. He is not only my Savior and Redeemer but my friend. He changes me and helps me when i can't help myself. I'm so grateful for this Christmas Season and hope that we can all reflect and express our gratitude to Him who saves us through our service to others.

Mosiah 2:17
When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God!!!

Live with Gratitude in your hearts!

até mas
com amor
Sister Anderson

Josiane´s cute puppy Freddy!

Learning to sew with Lusia! We had to read the instruction manual :)
p.s. pray for her to go to church!!

Sister Anderson and Sister Andersen

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