Monday, January 4, 2016


Monday, January 4, 2016

This week was very interesting. The city felt like something from the apocalypse where there are only dogs in the road that want to bite you and not a single living human soul!! haha We visited the same two people every single day because everyone else fell off the face of the planet it felt like!

We were able to go to Brother Aissa´s funeral and we sang hymns that talk about the hope in the Savior and how much he loves us. It was all very emotional because all of us felt like he was actually there comforting his wife and that he is no longer in pain but resting from the pain and sins and hardships of the mortal world. It was truly a remarkable experience...

We wanted to wake up to see the fireworks but the tiredness won and we slept right through until 6:30 like normal... :0 Oh well! There is always next year!

Other than that we have been eating and studying a lot because we couldn't even go out on new years day because of all the drunk men in the streets that like to talk to sister missionaries...

I do however have a spiritual thought that I loved reading from Randall L Ridd. He says, "The most important 'why' behind everything you do is that you love the Lord and recognize His perfect love for you." I LOVE THAT! I LOVE THE LORD! I hope that we can all allow the Lord to change us so that we can change our lives and those of others that we love.

I love the mission and hope and pray that everyday the Lord shows me His love. And he does!!

love you all
Sister Anderson

And now the pictures!!

All the missionaries in São José do Rio Preto

More food from Lusia :)

Sexy sister feet...........

Division with Sister Camila!

Divisions with Sister Muniz!

I found the weird fruit my mom likes!!!!!

NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stir fry!!!!!!!

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