Sunday, July 12, 2015

Helping the Blind to See

Monday, June 15, 2015

I had such a spiritual moment this week as we were waiting for a member to go to a lesson. A man in a suit coat and tie and a walking stick passed us. The sun was beating down so hard and yet he had a huge smile on his face. My companion and I then noticed after a few moments of observing this happy man that he was blind and was really struggling to walk and find his way. We went over to him and as he grabbed onto my arm I asked him where he was headed all dressed up. He replied, "My daughter, I'm going to church!" We asked him where the church was and as he told us we discovered that it was another 10 minutes up the hill and on the other side. He had been planning to make it there on his own like he always does. I marveled at this man of great faith. He had more vision in the importance of worshiping God than those who have physical eyes to see. It really touched me in that moment that I was being a servant to the Lord as I led the physically blind with the best vision of faith that I have seen. I marvel at these everyday moments that we sometimes pass by to be strengthened by the faith of others and leave someone who is struggling by the wayside. Our small act of kindness did more for me that day as I saw an example of pure faith. He truly relies on the Lord daily, just as I am trying to do. I love my Savior and I know that he is the one who guides us in the confusion when our eyes seem to be darkened and we are "blinded" by the evils of the world.

com amor,

Sister Anderson

Alfahor! (I dont think that's how you spell it) but we got them from an Argentinian Elder and it reminded me of my brother cam who served there!


Me sister Mcmakin and one of the families we are teaching :)

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