Saturday, November 1, 2014

I forgot to say that last week was 1 MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2014

I got made sister training leader here in the CTM for the last week (haha), but its been cool to experience that before the field.

One of my instructors Irma Bueno is 6 moths pregnant and adorable and she lets us feel her belly when little baby Bernardo kicks and its so wonderful! haha  Love me some pregnant ladies cuz they're just so cute!

Tuesday night we had our devotional and President and Sister Swenson.  He did this thing where he spoke all in Port of course and she would play hymns intermittently. The whole devo. was about the Prophet Joseph Smith and his life and it moved me to tears. So beautiful and powerful! I love the Spirit but man I cry all the time!

Also this week we where learning (I'm pretty sure) some made up verb tense grammer thing and I lost it!  Oh I just started crying in the middle of class (haha).  Our Elders are used to us girls by now (haha), after spending 6 weeks/16 hours a day straight with each other (haha).

Anyway--tangent I invite you all to listen if you haven't ever heard it or re-listen to "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief". SO MOVING and lovely...

One thought that Elder Albee in my district had was that when Joseph needed his leg amputated the only comfort he requested was to be in the arms of his father and that we need to have the desire to be in the ours of our Father in Heaven always for he will show us the way of all things we should do.

Irma Blanco, so freaking cute by the way, told us that there are just baby chickens, and big chickens too I suppose like all over RP! Yes!!! I love chicken! haha What I mean is I love eating chicken....

Since its our last couple days here Irmao Britto gave us the challenge of an English fast. I've been talking ONLY in Portuguese and it gets hard but then I look up words in my mini dictionary that I literally have with me always, even when I sleep sometimes. (haha) I can understand about 8/10 of what the natives in the city say to me and speak about 6/10! Those are both above average so I'm happy!!!!! (haha) THREE MORE DAYS AND I'LL BE IN THE CAMP! (mission field) and I can send pictures! I'll miss my time here in the CTM a lot but I cant wait to teach Gods beautiful children in R.P.

Love you all. Remember to pray always, love always, and be grateful always. They're are more than just one person on the earth at a time because we need help and we all have things we need to learn and discover from one another.  Never take people for granted. Especially the ones you love...

ate mais,

Sister Anderson

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