Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2 MONTHS!!!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hi! 2 months already?! (haha)  That doesn't feel that long, and yet it does somehow because I'm away from so many people I love! This week I went to a civil wedding of a sister in our ward with all her kids and it was so weird. (haha) It made me appreciate how beautiful and special temple weddings are and the promise we have to be with our families for eternity.  I had my first zone conference as well, and of course it was us 4 Sisters and 8 billion Elders. :)  It was so good though to receive training and practice how we can be better missionaries and use all the tools we've been given to meet and teach all of Gods children.

Okay this was a fun day, on Thursday we had divisions and I went with Sister Young....the other American....and we're in Brazil. (hahahahaha)  Let's just say we had a lot of interesting encounters with A LOT of Brazillian men. (haha)  On Friday it was a holiday here, but all that really means is that everyone is still sleeping at 2 in the afternoon, and if they're not sleeping they're already yeah that day was fun making contacts too.

We went to a baptism on Saturday af a little 8 year old in our ward. At the end the bishop invited all us missionaries up to the front to talk about baptism. There were actually a lot of nonmembers there and we were fasting too so the spirit was so strong. I love that every day I witness and help with the work of miracles. The spirit is the most powerful tool in conversion and the only way people receive a witness of this gospel.  The fast was country wide too because Brazil really REALLY needs rain BECAUSE ITS SO HOT AND IT ALL EVAPORATES PROBABLY. :)

This week has been hard and wonderful! Just like every other! But I love this work and wouldn't be anywhere else than here :) I love my savior and I KNOW with every fiber of my soul he loves each of us back! Love you!!!!

Sister Anderson

surprise birthday party of a lady in our ward


some cute grandkids of the lady that got married :)

me being

me with a little kitty!!!

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