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Monday, November 3, 2014


Im in Aracatube right now and it is so so different from anything I've ever experienced. We left at 3:30 in the morning from the CTM and my curling iron caught on fire while I was using it. (haha) Oh well.  So after a short flight from Sao Paulo I met my companion! SISTER KELLY! Shes from IMPETRIZ MARANHAO BRAZIL! Anyway she looks like the princess from princess and the frog and she is SO SO lovely! She only speaks Portuguese and I only speak English so that's pretty interesting (haha) so she is so patient and understanding. She's been out 10 months and I'm her first daughter. :)

We live with two other sisters one American and a Chillean. The Chillean, Sister Alegria (Sister Joy-- haha), trained Sister Kelly! so we have A LOT of fun with that! It's just us four and our apartment is actually really nice.

So Aracatuba, if you compare it to the sun, it isn't that hot....but compared to any place on the livable planet earth its like being in the middle of a volcano! (haha) I sweat like an unreal amount here! Lucky for me though its not that humid so phew! My hair is out of control though! I always always wear it up (haha) I feel like I don't have a personality sometimes when I'm speaking (haha) but even over this past week my Portuguese has improved so much, and if I talk slow I can say everything I want to pretty much! I was pretty frustrated at first cuz I'm hard on myself, working on that, but I decided it's okay to talk slow because these people need to understand the message and they need to actually understand it in their language.

Pray for rain in brazil! They really really need it! And now that I'm also a temporary citizen I need it too! I saw a zebra the other day! that was weird... I have so very little time to write!


Sister Anderson

New Companion, Sister Kelly

It was pouring rain, so naturally we danced in the rua!!!!

District in Aractuba!

Sister Baker!!!!

Campinas and my tag


CTM District, Sao Paulo Temple :)

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