Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekly update!

Friday, October 17, 2014

P-days are my favorite because i get to go to the Temple and write my fambam!!!!  On Sundays the Bishop gets up and then announces the 4 people in your zone who are going to give talks....right then....in Portuguese...haha.  Good thing I always prepare because I had to speak!  My talk was about being an "instumento nas maos de Deus".  I used Alma Chapter 29 v. 9.  I love this whole chapter though, and I invite you all to read it!  I talked about the importance of weakness its the role in our lives especially as missionaries.  Something that I wish I had more time for was scripture study! I always wish I could just sit down and read and read and read! I gain so much confidence and knowledge when I do! I only read scriptures PME and actually everything else in Portuguese now!

This is our 5th week here in the CTM and there is as little English as possible! You should see my word book and planner from everyday learning of new words and phrases. The motivation is love though! I LOVE THE PEOPLE OF BRAZIL AND I LOVE THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST! Seriously though, that's what gets me through...love.

Sunday Night for devotional Elder Ballard spoke and talked about the importance of staying close to your families. I've seen this so much in my life and invite you all to find something about every family member everyday you appreciate and then to tell them! Sometimes acting on positive and sometimes challenging thoughts is the hardest part. Never hesitate to say a kind word!!!

My goal is to be able to speak almost fluently by Christmas! I think I can do it!!! Please pray for me though. (haha)  Our last week here we are going to sing one voice as a district and I'm actually really excited even though I do not possess the singing talent like my mother and Cameron. (haha) ...and dad and cole...haha

The two things I hear the most here in the CTM are, Where's my companion!!", and "Como se fala" or "How do you say" and then fill in an English word. (hahaha)  Such a good time!

Yesterday I spent 5 hours in the federal police station...long story but i was in cuffs and fingerprinted and they were yelling in port....jk we just need to be official citizerns of Brazil or something now. (hahaha)

There are such sweet workers here in the CTM and none of them are LDS and this tiny red-haired Brazilian lady with no teeth, who me and my companions call "minya mai" (my mom) and she hugs us and kisses us and tells us how much she loves us and that she will take care of us here in Brazil and be our mommy while were away from our own. (haha) SO CUTE I LOVE HER!

There are two South Africans--an elder and a sister in my zone and they sang this click song for us...um SO BEAUTIFUL! They are also beautiful beautiful people, and their accents are for sure my favorite out of any accent! (haha)

Invitations to all:

  • Read Alma 29
  • Pray every morning and every night
  • Speak only words of kindness!
  • Record your results and compare your thoughts and feelings. I can promise you that you'll feel closer to God and to everyone around you!

Love, Sister Anderson!

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