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Monday, April 20, 2015

So I'm in Franca and its the "coldest" area in our mission. haha But because its cold here the people are too.  Also the city was built in between three mountains, so the roads are all tilted and there are millions and millions of mountains to walk up, both ways, every day. hahah  But really, it is so hilly and my calf muscles are growing. Also there are only 50 regularly attending members at the church on Sunday and A LOT of less actives.  We work 50 percent of the time reactivating and the other 50 with our investigators! Speaking of, we have an investigator who is 85 years old and has no teeth and can't hear and we literally have to yell for him to hear us! hahahaah I'ts so awesome! He is the husband of a recent convert of 5 months and his baptismal date is in two weeks. Pray for Brother Castelo! He is so dang cute I love him! He sings and dances samba and cooks for us. haha So the members here don't normally give us lunch, but they give us money so me and my companion, Sister Huamaní do a lot of cooking and experimenting and its really fun actually!

So i have a real testimony-builder experience that the Book of Mormon really does answer all the questions to all our problems. This ward here isn't very united at all, so we planned an activity using questions from the BOM and if you didn't know or answered wrong you got whipped cream in your face. hahah It was really simple and really fun and all the members LOVED it and told us that they want more activities! So here the activity planning skills I learned in student government and from my wonderful mother come into play. haha Anyway, now that the members are more united they are giving us more references and are giving us dinners and planning FHE with us and its awesome! I actually feel like I'm making a difference!!

From a very happy and VERY tired

Sister Anderson

the natural "fountain" in Franca :)

my hair after our activity with the members

it was POURING rain!! litterally it was like we were walking through a swimming pool hahaha

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