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Monday, January 19, 2015

So here's how it is on the mission: every 6 weeks there are these sometimes wonderful and sometimes sad (and usually both) events called "transfer".  What happens is that you switch companions, switch areas, switch climates (hot for more hot or for a baby bit less hot) and basically everything.  BUT, whats cool is that its a surprise the Friday before the 6 week period ends and then the next Monday you travel and all that fun stuff.  So....we received transfers and I got separated from my Mamãe Sister Kelly :( That made me pretty sad because outside of the MTC she is the only person I've been companions with so far. We started off loving each-other and just grew from there. I have a lot of respect and love for her and I'll sure miss being her companion. The kind of missionary I will ultimately be is because of the things I came with (which was actually very little) and the 12 weeks of training with Sister Kelly. I LOVE HER! BUT, no worries because I'm still in Araçatuba and my new companion will get here this next week, Sister L. Silva.  Both Sister Young and Sister Kelly stayed too!!!! They are the new Sister Training Leaders now which basically means the leadership for all the Sister missionaries within our zone and a few of the surrounding zones. :) Its gonna be great.  I'm actually really excited!!! Everything will be the same, just spicing things up with a new companion!

Highlight of my week: We were in a trio because Sister Sperry (previous companion to Sis Young) finished her mission and is headed home, and when we were doing contacts on the street more than a few people mistook me for a Brazilian... that is such a cool feeling! haha  I only have 4 months on the mission and I'm actually feeling really good about my abilities speaking :) FINALLY!

Anyway...I have wonderful examples here and the best example: my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know that the only reason I can preach and speak and do this work is because of Him. He is all mighty, all powerful, and all loving!

com amor

Sister Anderson

Sister Young, Anderson, Kelly waiting for the bus!

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