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Monday, December 29, 2014

It was p-day so all of us (meaning me and the 3 sisters I live with) went into the center of the city to buy each other Christmas presents, and that was actually A LOT of fun. Showing people you appreciate them is so so important to having a strong relationship.

Sister Kelly and I taught this wonderful couple, Regina and Delso, lesson one: The Restoration; which I LOVE teaching. They have been married for over 30 years and are still so in love with each other and respectful and they tease each other. I just love love! Especially here where long term and loyal relationships aren't really common.

VÉSPERA! (Christmas eve) we got invited to a Ceia (feast), and as our message we sang in harmony Silent Night and the Spirit was so strong and there were wonderful unplanned testimonies shared from less active and active members that really strengthened my love for my Savior.

I AM SO BLESSED TO HAVE THE FAMILY THAT I HAVE BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST SUCH LOVELY PEOPLE!!! We Skyped and laughed and cried (a lot) and talked about Christ and it was perfect...I couldn't have asked for a more rockin fambam that I'll be blessed to have FOREVER! I love knowing that we have eternity together because then 18 months seems really really short :)

Receiving personal comfort and guidance from the words of prophets through the scriptures and conference talks. When we ask in faith and show our gratitude to our creator, He will 100 percent answer us in His way and in the time we need.

We were at our lunch appointment in the last street of the last neighborhood of our area and it was 45 grous (116 degrees F). We called president asking what to do because we were honestly suffering and out of water and far from our house and some members happened to be driving by and gave us a ride after president authorized that we could we return home. If I hadn't already sweated all the liquid from my body I'm positive I would have cried.

The teacher in Relief Society said something really profound and simple. She was talking about how not one single soul, child of God, is excluded from the saving power of the atonement. From Adam, the first man, down to the last man to live.  We all qualify to receive the saving power of the atonement in our lives.

This week was a week of humility and a week of constantly having reasons to be grateful for my Father in Heaven. Especially during this holiday season I see people realizing how wonderfully blessed they are and then willingly blessing the lives of others! I LOVE THAT! I love my family and I love being a missionary and having the opportunity to teach about the importance of families and the divinity of God's plan for all His children!

love love

Sister Anderson

bike shoppppppppp :)

CHRISTMAS MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stockings and the nativity :)

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