Sunday, October 5, 2014

I love singing and speaking in Portuguese!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Hello there all you wonderful people!!!  Lots to say and so little time.

Sister Baker's parents (Sister Baker is my companion) are named Mark and Jennifer....of course hahaha

I have gone through 3 pens in 3 weeks because I write down so many new words write in my journal write letters and sometimes draw haha (mom will you please send more .38 pens to the mission home in RP)

In Portuguese I told the CTM President I liked his fork when I meant to say tie...woops! Gravata and garfa, close right!

Thought of my mommy during Tuesday night broadcast devo when we sang Battle Hymn of the Republic.  I sang it in port with so much spirit you would have been so proud mommy.  I LOVE SINGING AND SPEAKING IN PORTUGUESE, its such a beautiful language and I'm catching on pretty quickly. The Lord wants me to learn so I'm learning fast! We've taught 20 something lessons now and I can go in with just my scriptures and teach and pray and ask questions, answer questions, and bear my testimony!! Oh how I love the gift of tongues!! For my family back home read D&C 100. I hope it brings you peace as I'm away serving as i know it did to Josephs family when they needed it.

70 new US missionaries came in on Wednesday, so one of the instructors had me wear her name tag at lunch and go reprimand them for not speaking in Portuguese.  I told them, "somente fala em portuguese!!" They were all stunned and embarrassed, and didn't know what to say. I didn't laugh or smile and they were so confused. haha

The city isn't too too dirty which is nice. We have a certain area we get to walk around on p-day and I love it!!! Sometimes the CTM feels like a social experiment jail. (haha) Dress both guys and girls up all nice and then tell them not to flirt but how to speak an entirely new language...yeah okay!
They don't have sidewalks like on huge city streets. They have middle-of-the-street-walk. (haha) Too weird but kinda like an adventure!

Also, check out Mosiah 28:1-9.  This is a passage in the Book of Mormon that talks about missionary work among the people of that time.  Missionary work has been and will always be part of the plan!  Love it!

My favorite scriptures I read this week were in Hebrews 11. The whole chapter is about miracles and faith! Let me tell you that really APPLIES TO MY LIFE RIGHT NOW for sure!!!!! (sorry, didn't mean to yell that) hahahaha

Anyways I love you all and this Sister Anderson loves our Savior, loves Brazil and loves being a missionary!

love love,

Sister Anderson

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