Monday, October 13, 2014

Surprise Wednesday!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We call Wednesday "Surprise Wednesday" here because you never know what your going to find on your clean sheets or your pizza!! (haha) This Wednesday we also went proselyting to like real people of Brazil and it was amazing!!!!!  I placed all my livros on the bus ride where we were supposed to contact people (hahaha) It was awesome!!!! I love being a missionary! Oh and did I mention this is all in Portuguese!! (casual.casual haha)

Anyway, I love love going to the temple every P-day! Today we went to the Campinas temple instead of Sao Paulo and that was wonderful!!! We moved from room to room and the entire session was in Portuguese! One of the most spiritual experiences I've had thus far on my mission and especially one the most I've had in the temple.  My favorite part is the celestial room.  Just how beautiful and sacred and holy everything is and how peaceful you truly feel in the house of the Lord.

Conference was so awesome last week. Especially to listen to it with all the other missionaries.  That was too cool!  Um, Jorg Klebingats talk! What!!!! He dropped some serious gospel! Okay family and friends, Mormons or not, I invite all of you to look up the Saturday afternoon talk by Richard G. Scott and to apply it to your life starting now!!! Also, usually the General Conference of the church is directed to members, but one talk at the end of conference was given specifically for non-members.  Check out the message from David A. Bednar titled "Come and See" here.

My sweet visiting teacher, Judy, sent me a letter and as you all know I love getting mail! But this letter came on a day and in a moment I truly needed it the most!

People here always point out how long my hair is here and then of course they touch it. I'm trying to get more patient with that. (haha) Okay so every morning for breakfast we have paninis but this week we had PANCAKES WITH SYRUP one morning! I never knew I could be so excited for those! Reminded me of the good old days and lunch bunch! Not nearly as good as my mommy's though. (haha) Well, I want you all to know how much I love this gospel. I know that the power of God is the strongest power on earth and that through it miracles are possible!  I love being a missionary and spreading the good word of God to anyone I see! This church is true and God is love!! My mommy taught me that!

Love love,

Sister Anderson

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