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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

So Finados is a national holiday here which is basically "day of the dead" or memorial day in Brasil. We went to the cemetery as a huge group of missionaries and walked around talking about the Plan of Salvation and bearing our testimonies that life after death is not the end and that we will see all those that have passed onto to the other side. We will be united as forever families one day if we chose to live according to the commandments that our loving Heavenly Father has put in place for us.

I love the gospel and how simple it is. I love being able to share it in a language that is not my own but that I now and forever will hold near my heart. I love these people here and feel at least a little portion of the love that my Heavenly Father has for me and for them. I hope every day to convey that love in my words and in my actions and in my heart.

My new companion Sister Araújo is from Recife and she also speaks fluent English. She is actually really helping me a lot because I have forgotten a lot of English. haha I'll have to start studying English before I come home I think. It's so funny I tell people I'm from Colorado and they ask me what state that is in Brazil...and then I have to explain and then we all laugh. haha

This week I pondered the scripture in Mormon 9:21 that talks about relying on the Lord in our fervent prayers and that he ALWAYS answers us! It's a promise that he gives to all of His children as long as we are willing to act upon the answers that he sends us. God doesn't simply answer prayers because we ask in curiosity. He has to know that we will act upon the answers he sends us.

I love Brasil. I love my companion. I love my life and the knowledge and testimony I  have of God's plan for me and my family and all those that choose to follow him.

até mais

com amor

Sister Anderson

Chuva! (rain)

Sister Muniz hit 3 months on the mission!

For my Daddy :)

Halloween! we dressed up as Elders :)

And we went outside like that

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