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Monday, November 9, 2015

I am pleased to announced that I have now passed through or served in, for at least a day, all the areas for sisters that exist in my mission. hahahahah I'M TAKING AFTER THE FOOTSTEPS OF MY TRAINER, SISTER KELLY, THAT HAD 9...IM ON MY SIXTH SO WE´'LL SEE :)

I'm loving my time and I love the sisters I take care of and I feel so close to the Spirit and the Lord. This week we went to Birigui, which is a city close to Araçatube, which was my very first area when I got to Brazil. It is SOOO hot there. haha I forgot how hot that side of the mission gets... Anyway I went on splits with Sister Andersen that was my companion in Ribeirão for one transfer and it was fun to relive funny moments and turn bright red together after walking in 120 degrees all day. It was pretty intense. I love that sister and love seeing how we all grow. Actually, that might be the thing I love the most about being a missionary: seeing the spiritual growth in myself and in other missionaries and especially in the people that we teach. I love looking back to the first days of meeting someone and evaluating some time after how that person or situation has changed because of lots of faith and prayer and fasting, and because miracles happen every day. I've seen that and can testify to that beautiful fact: that miracles are random but are daily blessings from our Heavenly Father. I continue to recieve daily miracles and hope that you all can recognize them and then be grateful for them. I love a bookmark that my wonderful, insightful mother sent me that talks about gratitude. It says:

Gratitude turns a meal into a feast and drudgery into delight. It softens our grief and heightens our pleasure. It turns the simple and common into the memorable and transcendent. It forges bonds of love and fosters loyalty and admiration. Living in thanksgiving daily is a habit that will enrich our lives and the lives of those we love. -Joseph B. Wirthlin


com amor
Sister Anderson

Our zone!!!

Sister Anderson and Sister Andersen round 2

My hair..... no comment, but it was necessary

Me :)

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