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Monday, March 23, 2015

Invite without doubting! (it sounds way cooler in Portuguese) If you think you cant do something you are right. If you think you CAN do something, you are also right. A lot of missionary work is talking to complete strangers and starting off your conversation with "Hi I'm a missionary...." and a lot of times the conversations ends with "And?" or "Im evangelical" haha, so the point is that really there are a lot of opportunities to get discouraged and frustrated if you let the opinions of the world trump the doctrine of God. On Sunday we had a ward conference and the Bishop gave a talk and talked about the story of the "Little Engine that Could". I immediately thought of my older Brother Cam hahah at first I wasnt sure why but then I remembered all the times he encouraged me with these words "I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN".  I'd like to adapt that to missionary work. Not only for full time missionaries, but for everyone with a testimony of Christ and a burning desire to spread His light to illuminate the lives of others. If you think you can, you can. The best part about that statement isn't the "you" but it's the "can". It's the action that comes after your faithful desire to do something that may seem beyond your capacity. You put in 1 percent and the Lord does the rest. You have to think and act like that little engine though. You have to take the first little chug on the track which may be simply opening your mouth to invite someone to church, or writing a letter to your friend and including your testimony of the Savior. All the Savior asks is that we first do SOMETHING. That's what helps me as a missionary. Knowing that no matter how many people reject me or tell me no or even tell me that what I believe is wrong, it doesn't hurt because "I know I can, I know I can" through the power of the Lord!


all my love

Sister Anderson

it was "cold" like 75 degrees and so we HAD to wear sweaters haha

We had an amazing mission tour with Elder Grual of the 70 and I got presents from Sister Kelly´s family!
Her cute grandma made me a skirt owwwwwww
Sis andersen sis Kelly at mission tour

6 months!!!!!! 6 reais hahaha

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