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Monday, March 16, 2015

MY GOODNESS TIME FLYS WHEN YOU ARE PREACHING THE GOOD WORD!!! haha Seriously though, time is passing so fast and I want it to stop!!! One third of the way down and yet I have so very much to learn and to do!!

So this week was way good because the members are working with us and they gave us 7 references and then on top of that went with us to the lessons and then on top of THAT they talked to the investigators afterwards on their own time and shared more of their testimonies!!! Wow, how different the work of the Lord is when His children who have knowledge of the gospel are spreading it to those who have been prepared and are ready to hear it, being placed into their lives as coworkers or neighbors or random people in stores they always go to! way too cool! So me and my companion, Sister AndersEn (haha so funny), made a goal for the week to do 100 contacts. So it was Sunday and we needed 10 more to reach our goal (and then or course one more to overcome it hahah) so we were at a members house visiting with her and cooking because she just had surgery when we came up with an idea for our last ten contacts. She lives o the 2nd floor of an apartment building right across the street from a Japanese restaurant okay. She we go out on her balcony and sang in harmony "Nearer My God to Thee" in English, ya know, to capture even more attention, and than we went down and contacted all the 10 people that 'happened" to be outside of the restaurant eating!! Such a cool way to end the week and get ur goal! Plus I'm singing, in public, for other people. That's a miracle in itself. haha

Spiritual lesson:
Set your goals and then take them to the Lord. Then when he gives you a "how" for your goals run out of your comfort zone and just do it! In this case who knows how many of the ten people we sang to will get baptized, but it doesn't matter for us right now because we planted a seed! And seeds grow with just a tiny amount of faith!!! Such a cool spiritual experience and it was way fun!! Anyways, know that I have six months and sang from a balcony, I'M ON MY WAY!!!!!!

love you!!

Sister Anderson

Me and a baby turtle :)

Im a Fruitcake

Contact 101 with a piece of cake and pass along card for our neighbor :)

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