Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Oi Família!

February 23, 2015

So its the last week of this transfer and there is the possibility that I stay here at the end of the world close to the hot place where Satan lives OR that I'll be transferred. We'll see! I already have 3 transfers here so anything is possible.

Last week in our district meeting and then again today we had a training that talked about "What are our Dreams?" that we have to set more than specific goals but actually have dreams for our lives (and right now for our missions).  We talked about the "Why" behind the dreams, that if there isn't a motive for the dream why would you ever complete it? And then the "How". The How really is the most important. God expects us to use our free agency and make our plans and then show them to him. We show God our plans and dreams through our actions and most importantly through our daily and divine communication: prayer. On of my mission dreams that I'll share is to find, teach, baptize, and then accompany to the temple to make the highest covenants with our Heavenly Father. I delight in seeing miracles and change and the hand of God actively working in the life of someone who before, barely had a seed of faith. But to achieve this goal I HAVE TO talk with as many people that I can! I only have 5 months on the mission and while I speak really well for people to understand me I still struggle with the fear that they won't and that because of my inability to communicate they wont receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ in there lives. But as I've been praying and reading and studying and trying I've learned that the only thing that will make the fear go away is my confidence in my savior and Heavenly Father. Elder Bednar (a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles) said once in a talk he gave that if we do what we have always done we will have what we always had. That really made me think, because I don't want to settle just for what i have right now, I want to get the closest I possibly can to becoming perfect like my Savior.

This week we had a farewell of young man that will leave to serve in the very south part of Brazil. (people say it snows there but i think its impossible to have snow in Brazil) haha  We had lunch with his family and it was so neat to see and here some of his goals and dreams for his mission and how much his parents love and support his decision and yet don't what 2 years apart will be like. Made me think about my family. How much I love you guys and how happy it makes me knowing that I will be with you forever in this life and into the eternities; that families are forever.

One of my favorite young women here in the Santana ward turned 13 this week and instead of going out with friends on her birthday she told us that she wanted to come with us and awesome is that! 13 years old and shes already preparing herself to serve a mission. We always joke about how she'll be called to Colorado and that one day shell knock on my door (hahah), that would be too cool!!!

Well.....I'm tired but I'm so very happy and I'm working hard. Only one request: PRAY. Pray for me and my companion and the mission and for you too. Everyone needs the strength that comes from prayer.

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