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March 3, 2015

So after 3 transfers in the end of the world where it is SO unbelievably hot, I got transferred to Ribeirão Preto :)  I'm excited for a new area and companion because guess what, her name is Sister AndersEn. hahahaha  She is an American that just finished her training so I'm the senior companion....with 5 months..... BUT I'm really excited because if the Lord knows I can do it then I can do it!! I actually am progressing really really well with the language, but that's partly because I dedicate at least AN HOUR AND A HALF EVERY DAY TO STUDY.  WHEN WE DO OUR TINY LITTLE PART AND SHOW THE LORD WE HAVE FAITH, HE MAKES UP THE REST! I see so many miracles every single day (and so many things that i never wanted to see too haha).

Thought I'd share some things I love about Araçatuba now that I'm gone. sad.

  • The amazing members that gave us wonderful (fattening) lunch every single day
  • The surplus of ice cream parlors 
  • The people in the same spots on the same streets doing the same things every single day that we stop and talk to and care about because they're sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father too!
  • Sister Sperry, Sister Young, Sister Kelly.....LOVE THEM
  • The chapel. It's the house of the Lord first of all and also I love that no matter where you are you can recognize a Mormon church!
  • Walking for hours and hours up hills both ways in the rain and sun AT THE SAME TIME. :)
  • My sweet sandal tan
  • Mostly I'll miss our investigators though and the every single less active that we visited....this work is driven with love and its a good thing that I love to love and I love to learn to love too... LOVE LOVE LOVE its all about love in this world. Love for the blessings and the trials. Love for the people that show us love and the people that don't. Love for our Savior and our Heavenly Father even when we feel far from them.
  • Love.

I'm in Irajá with Sister Andersen now, and our area is a bunch of mansions and really rich people so this will be a little different for sure!!! I'm excited!

Sister Anderson

Sister Young going home :(

Bishop in Araçatuba

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