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Monday, December 8, 2014

Well its not actually a surprise but ill be staying in Aracatuba with my amazing companion Sister Kelly at least until the middle of January. After that I have no idea where I'll go, but that's why you gotta love that the Spirit and that mission presidents know exactly where to send you!

We went to a Christmas "choir concert" in the stake center (church meetinghouse) this week. There were probably 6 different churches represented in different choirs and one choir with a bunch of old adorable Brazilian women that sang, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow: in Portuguese WITH FEELING, and literally I was moved to was so cute!!!  I love remembering and worshiping my Savior through music especially during this Christmas season :) Also, we watched a wonderful video on that was truly inspiring. is such a wonderful place to go and really listen to the testimonies of others and feel closer with our Savior.

We had a wonderful Christmas surprise this week when a family out of nowhere brought 300 dollars worth of food and presents for us four sisters...I literally teared up I was so happy. And they bought us like the really good food too! I'm telling you I have never been more thankful for members and the pure love of Christ that they showed us than I was in that moment :)

I LOVE CHRISTMAS because during this season it always seems like people are more willing to give of their time, talents, and love, not just to family but to complete strangers thing that I love to think about it is that EVERYONE has the light of Christ in them. A knowledge that their Savior loves them and lived and died and lives again so we can return to the presence of our Heavenly Father. I love my Savior. I have a testimony of his divinity and of His love. When we ask him, exercising a particle of faith, he will show us our divinity and our potential. But we have to ask. And we have to be faithful and open to receiving guidance in our lives.

Tis the season! Let Christ into your life 100 percent!!!!

Sister Anderson

Normal 9pm planning in our temporary trio :)

Yet another rain storm!!!

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