Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ceia de Natal!

Monday, December 15, 2014

We had a huge Christmas feast this week with our ward and lets just say that it was DIVINE! Of course rice and beans, but they had this chicken that I just couldn't stop eating, and of course my favorite beverage on this planet (besides root beer and hot chocolate) GuaranĂ¡!!!! The best part though was that all the primary kids put on a little nativity while a choir was singing a beautiful (don't remember which) Christmas hymn in the background. Something with children makes me feel the Spirit so strong because they just barely left the presence of our Heavenly Father in the grand scheme of things.

I started a "personal sanctification" fast with Sister Kelly, and man am I being humbled and sanctified. We had three days in a row when all our appointments dropped, there was no one in the rua to make contacts to, and it poured rain on us and remained freakishly hot. But, the Lord strengthens us so much in times of struggle. I already had a testimony of this but my mission so far has already showed me that humility and relying on the Lord are SO important in receiving blessings and progressing towards becoming like our Savior. This week I saw a perfect example of this.  The four of us sisters were eating with a really humble family in our ward. When we had finished eating when we heard someone clapping outside. The dad of the family got up a returned with a boy that I know I'd never seen before but the way he acted towards him it seemed like he was his son. This boy was homeless, and yet I didn't know. The family gave him so much food and talked and laughed with him until he said he had to leave. Lucas is only 12 years old and relies on the kindness to others to live.

During this Christmas season I hope we always remember others and put their needs above our own. Our Savior truly IS the present of Christmas and we need to be remembering that first comes God and then comes our families. I love mine and the knowledge that it can be eternal. Love your families. Cherish every moment!


Sister Anderson

One of my favorite couples in the ward! Julio e Melina!

3 Americans and 1 Brazilian :)
Sperry, Young, Anderson, Kelly

Our cute little treeeeeeeee!!!!

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