Monday, December 1, 2014


Monday, December 1, 2014

So people here love to listen to American music, and there is this family that we visit pretty much every day.  On Friday their neighbor across the street was blasting BLASTING Abba, and I laughed out loud because I thought of my mom, and home, and dancing in the kitchen, and singing as loud as we could. That was a good moment this week :)

I live with a Chilean, Brazilian, and an American, so Thanksgiving was very interesting this year! (haha) We don't have the time or means to cook a turkey so we cooked this little baby chicken thing and it actually turned out really really good! Also, we drank Guarana in place of Martinellis. I was sad, but Guarana is like drops of heavenly nectar so it wasn't bad. (haha)

We also had stake conference this weekend and i really enjoyed all the talks. here are a few thoughts:

1. "If you are a disciple of Christ, you will follow His commandments"  Kind of like how parents always say "If you live in this house you live by my rules".  Well this earth is a gift from God, and last I checked were all living on the earth so we need to be following the rules the creator has set!
2. Everyone that has spent time on this earth already accepted the plan of the Savior in the pre-earth life. That means that everyone has the light of Christ. At some point and in some other time they knew the Savior and they loved and accepted him.
3. PRAYER. PRAYER IS SOSOSOSOSO IMPORTANT! Our Heavenly Father wants to hear from us! He loves us and has done literally everything He could to see us be successful! We need to do some things in return to show our gratitude:

  • Have faith (its the power through which the Lord works his miracles)
  • Learn and practice good works
  • Be humble ( a prideful heart drives away the promptings of the spirit)
  • Do everything in your power to show him you love him
  • Keep all the commandments to the best of your ability

When you apply these Christlike attributes and you follow Christ, you cannot fail. There is no way to not succeed! How beautiful is the Atonement of Jesus Christ! Accept our Savior and live like He did and nothing on earth or from hell can destroy your knowledge that God lives. He loves us, and we will return to his presence one day if we live his restored gospel.

The church is true! I love You!

Sister Anderson

Sister Alegria is leaving this week to go back to Chile :( here 18 months are up but shes going to BYUI!

POURING POURING rain after our district meeting!

Brazillian/ Chillean/ American Thanksgiving

first package in the mission!

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