Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lokas da Madruga

Monday, February 8, 2016

So graffiti is like a huge thing here in Brazil, and we saw this phrase "Lokas da Madruga" and took it as our companionship name, me and Sister Peregrino! It means crazies in the middle of the night so its pretty fitting....except not really I guess because all we do is sleep :)

This week we traveled to the mission office and had our leadership council and then came back and had divisions with the sisters we live with and then another companionship of sisters who we "take care of" but who really take care of us. haha  I love how much love I feel on the mission. Not just from my Heavenly Father but also from the other missionaries and the president and his wife.

We have interviews every three months with President Brum and today he told me a lot of things that I was really needing to hear. He reassured me that he and the Lord are very pleased with the work I'm doing and that I need to be as well. That's always been hard for me to accept when I can't do more that I do but that to the Lord it's enough...

I've learned how to rely and love the Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ more than ever. During Fast and Testimony meeting on Sunday someone said that "depending on how close WE are to God we see how great He really is."  Our spiritual strength depends on our spiritual desire to come to know Christ.

Love you guys!
Sister Anderson

Carnaval Missionary Style!!!!!!!!!!! (aka in our house)

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