Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sister Anderson is alive!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hello family!

Made it through the Atlanta airport just fine to my gate for Sao Paulo!  Met up with three more sisters. One was a visa waiter who has been serving in Mesa for four and a half months. The other two got their visas and were reporting today as well! The flight to Brazil was 10 hours and the lady next to me didn't speak any English, so there's that (haha).  She also coughed and sucked in boogers all ten hours. It added to the adventure! They gave us a dinner meal around 10:30 and then breakfast around 7.  They both made my tummy hurt, but I was hungry so I didn't care!  I fell asleep on and off for like three hours. I guess I was tired because I drooled a little (haha).  I have two companions in the MTC,  Sister Clement and Sister Baker, who are both lovely.  Sister Baker and I especially get along really well and she is such a good time!!  Anyways, pretty uneventful getting to the MTC which I guess is such a blessing.  I did notice that everyone has motorcycles and they weave in and out of cars SO FAST.  Scary!!  I love you all and I love Brazil and I love being a missionary!!

Love always,

Sister Anderson

P.S. I would send pictures of all the elders and sisters I traveled with but i dont know how yet...sorry mommy

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